Light Duty Truck Service & Repair

It’s called a pickup truck, not a pickup car, so why bring your pickup truck or other light duty truck to a shop that specializes in mini-vans and economy-cars?

Your truck does a lot more than drive around; it plows, it tows, it hauls, it works. This stress on your truck can result in different types of wear and fatigue that a regular car wouldn’t see. And if your pickup truck or other light duty truck has a diesel engine, odds are most auto shops don’t have the experience or proper tools to work on it. Lack of knowledge or not being equipped properly can result in delayed turn-around time, incorrect diagnosis, or inadequate repairs.

At Fleet Ready we are fully equipped to work on all light duty trucks from 1500’s all the way up. We’re diesel specialists, and that includes your pickup truck or other light duty truck’s diesel engine. Whether it’s a Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax, or even gasoline, we know these engines, how they work, and what special maintenance is needed. We have the proper diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose the problem, rather than just throw parts at it until it’s fixed. This all results in better turnaround time and proper “fixed once, fixed right” repairs.

We also stock many of the special fluids and consumables your truck needs, such as Diesel additives, a variety of coolants, DEF (diesel exhaust fluid,) synthetic gear-oil, and synthetic ATF.

We know you don’t want to get the run-around when having your truck fixed. You want honesty about what’s needed and what it will take to fix it. We will never surprise you with unwanted repairs, or an unexpected bill. We discuss all repairs with you ahead of time, and are happy to explain in detail and show you what’s broken. Once repairs begin, we do our best to stick to the proposed timeline, and get your pickup truck or other light duty truck back on the road and back to work.